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About Eikonos

“Elevator music, as recorded by a speedhead, locked into an elevator with a pocketful of mushrooms..”
– An old friend jokingly said..

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Short Bio

Eikonos is one of those hard to define musical entities that
doesn’t come along all that often. On the surface it might
sound like IDM or drum’n’bass, but those are just what you
find when scratching the surface of this avant-garde project.

Eikonos is an experimental electronica artist from the northern
parts of Sweden. Since falling in love with music at an early age,
he has been part of countless bands and projects over the
years. Music from two of his earlier projects can be heard in
nine lowbudget films and a few commercials.

He has since the birth of the project in January 2017 released
two digital EP’s, one single and his debut album, and is
currently working on another EP as well as album #2.

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If you’re looking for something truly unique that challenges your perceptions and shows you the true scope of what music can be when taken into strange new territories then ‘Eikonoklastes’ should be right up your alley!




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The Music

Favorite Stuff

This is some of the gadgets & nifty equipment Eikonos uses for his music & films.


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